Product Brochure

Questionnaire Manager

Companies that manufacture and export licensable goods must ensure that their customer and the intended end-use are approved. To determine if an intended use is in compliance, end-use surveys must be developed and completed. For many, this is currently a manual process that is difficult to administer and ensure compliance.

Amber Road's Questionnaire Manager is an on-demand solution that generates end-use surveys based on details provided by the user for the parties involved in a transaction. This centralized system delivers pre-approved questionnaires to pertinent users while maintaining a repository of respondents' answers.

With Amber Road's Questionnaire Manager, companies can:

  • Ensure upstream and downstream trading partners comply with the appropriate security measures for initiatives such as C-TPAT

  • Update and maintain information about partners, products and transactions with answers from surveys

  • Comply with EPCI and end-use documentation requirements for missile technology, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and dual-use items

Amber Road, Inc. complies with data privacy laws, and
will not sell, rent, or lease this information to others.