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Trade Agreement Management

Free trade agreements (FTAs) can be a source of significant cost savings for importers; however, many companies forego these benefits because of the perceived effort to manually administer them.  Exporters must qualify their goods and provide origin certificates to their buyers. This involves processing a potentially complex bill of materials (BOM) against the rules of origin for the relevant trade agreements.

Amber Road’s trade agreement management solution automates the supplier solicitation, qualification, and certificate management processes for multiple agreements including NAFTA, CAFTA, KORUS, EEA, and EFTA (to name a few). By automating and streamlining FTA processes, Amber Road’s solution allows companies to: 

  • Automate and centralize the process for obtaining origin information from suppliers

  • Qualify goods for multiple trade agreements with comprehensive BOM analysis

  • Manage numerous certificates along with their revisions and renewals

  • Reduce the total cost of goods by taking advantage of preferential duties

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