Case Study

AirTronic Keeps Hypervigilant with Amber Road’s Restricted Party Screening (RPS)

Founded in 1990, AirTronicUSA is a world leader in designing and manufacturing superior weapons and defense systems. As a US-based company operating in the global market, AirTronic identified the need for an efficient process to manage screening the companies and countries it serves. Amber Road’s Restricted Party Screening (RPS) solution met AirTronicUSA’s hypervigilant export screening needs.

Learn how Amber Road’s Restricted Party Screening (RPS) solution provided AirTronicUSA with the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive global screening of customers and trading partners against over 500 restricted party and sanction lists

  • Customized, modular solution tailored to fit the company’s needs

  • Continuous updates to international restricted party lists

  • Quick re-screening of partners or transactions when new data is received

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