Are You a Captain of Compliance?

2018 Compliance Professional Spotlight Submission

In honor of National Compliance Officer Day, Amber Road will recognize one compliance professional weekly from September 26th through November 4th. If you are a compliance professional who deserves to be recognized for your work at your company or in your industry, fill out the form below!

Who is a Captain of Compliance?

  • Someone who fights to improve compliance with ever-changing trade regulations within your organization

  • A leader who helps expand the industry by sharing their knowledge and experiences with others

  • A believer in all things trade compliance

We believe that compliance professional are essential to every organization no matter the size. They are often evangelists within their organizations on the importance of trade compliance, and are often “ahead of the curve” with the latest changes in global trade. This is why we’d like to show how much we appreciate their hard work!

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