Aberdeen Group Report

Supply Chain Visibility: Know Sooner, Act Now

Published November 2016

  • 85% of Best-In-Class companies have visibility into in-transit shipment status

  • Best-In-Class companies are more than 2 times more likely to have visibility into supplier quality and manufacturing processes

  • The total landed costs per unit of imports and exports handled is 0.6% in Best-In-Class companies and 6.2% in all others

Business leaders at all levels expect supply chains to operate on time, and there is little tolerance for anything less, regardless of any disruptions. The ability to keep a supply chain on time is often determined by the levels of visibility that leaders have into their upstream supply chain. On-going monitoring, adjusting, course correction, and occasional heroics are what keep a plan on track. None of that is possible without visibility.

This Aberdeen Group report explains the importance of visibility in the supply chain to combat inevitable disruptions. Some key findings include:

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