Aberdeen Group Report

The New GTM: Connecting Upstream Decisions to Improve Downstream Execution

Published July 2016

  • 77% of Best-in-Class companies have access to online trade-related content

  • Automation leaders are 1.47 times as likely to qualify a BOM against multiple free trade agreement rules of origin

  • 62% of Best-in-Class companies have role-based visibility views for other departments and external supply chain partners

  • 70% of Best-in-Class companies have a best-of-breed GTM licensed software vendor or suite of modules

Although many companies are engaged in global trade, that doesn’t mean they are getting the most out of their processes or technology systems designed to streamline international business. The new GTM recognizes the increasing complexity involved in global trade, and the need to encompass design, production, and sourcing decisions as part of the end-to-end scope.

This Aberdeen Group report examines and highlights the approach of what has been termed the new Global Trade Management (GTM), one that connects upstream decisions to downstream execution by virtue of a comprehensive, end-to-end solution perspective. Some key findings include:

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