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Vendor Shipment Booking

Once goods are ready to ship, it is critical to get them moving immediately. Vendors typically communicate the shipment information to the logistics service providers (LSPs) - but this can be an extremely time-consuming process that leads to delays and errors. The solution? Enabling the factory with digital tools to complete the shipment booking themselves.

Amber Road’s Vendor Shipment Booking module provides a platform for vendors and factories to create a shipment booking request from a purchase order. This allows companies to collaborate in real-time with internal and external teams, reducing the potential for production delays and ensuring cycle time impacts are minimized.

By implementing Vendor Shipment Booking, you will also be able to:

  • Reduce workload at the brand level by 3.57 man-years annually

  • Closely monitor and evaluate the real-time movement of all your goods at the PO level

  • Improve internal cross-departmental visibility and data integration

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