Customer Value Story

Global Fashion Accessories Manufacturer and Retailer

In today's growing fashion industry, companies must meet their customers' demands as efficiently as possible while containing costs and reducing risk. But where should you start?

This global fashion accessories manufacturer and retailer operates on five continents in over 1,000 stores worldwide. As a producer of high-quality products they sought to reduce their material liabilities; which represented a whopping annual cost of $17 million across all of their suppliers!

By implementing Amber Road’s Material Management solution, they were able to:

  • Reduce material liability costs by 32% in the first three years

  • Increase overall efficiency by 50% by optimizing material commitments

  • Centralize and automate all of their data and processes into a single solution

  • Closely manage the demand forecast, actual orders, raw material reservations, and material usage

Interested in obtaining similar cost savings by improving visibility and collaboration between the brand, planning, all supplier tiers, and manufacturing? Download a copy of this customer value story to cut costs and stay ahead!

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