Case Study

Sporting Goods Retailer Takes Safety and Product Testing to a New Level with Amber Road

This retailer is an omni-channel sporting goods powerhouse offering a broad assortment of top-brand sporting goods equipment, apparel, and footwear. As a producer of reliable, high-quality products that their loyal customers have come to expect, product safety and compliance became major focuses for the company.

However, working with multiple third-party auditing and testing vendors alongside their own internal testing services added complexity to their critical decision-making and began to impact their multi-stage product lifecycle. Their data eventually became scattered and they were not able to conduct the proper analysis required to ensure product compliance.

By implementing Amber Road’s Product Testing solutions, the retailer was able to automate and streamline product compliance processes and achieve the following benefits:

  • Enhanced control and management of all testing protocols

  • Increased visibility from material development to garment testing

  • Reduced supply chain risks and associated costs

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