There’s never been a more exciting and confusing time to conduct trade-related business in China. The country is, in many ways, the most important economy in the world because of its massive output, but also due to its burgeoning middle class and associated rise in consumption power.

Amid those realities, trade relationships with China’s key partners are under the microscope more than ever, including an uncertain future with the United States and possible expansion of trade with the EU due to investment in the new Silk Road.

But even after all these years China is not the easiest market to navigate for importers and exporters. An often mystifying regulatory environment affects customs compliance, sourcing, and logistics activities.

This webinar explores the key dynamics, positive and negative, impacting China’s place in global trade and effective ways for companies to rise above the fog and succeed in this ever-important market. Speakers include:

  • Kae-Por Chang, Managing Director, Amber Road China

  • Gary Barraco, Director of Global Product Marketing, Amber Road

  • Eric Johnson, Research Director, American Shipper

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Archived Webinar
Taming the Dragon: Taking Advantage of China’s Trade Opportunities by Minimizing Uncertainty

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