The burgeoning technologies of the future - blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, are no exception to these required elements, and companies see the magnitude of their importance only when they deployed in their supply chains. They quickly realize how critical they are not only for day-to-day operations, but for very survival.

Listen, as we explore the current state of data digitization and standards development for use in global supply chain management. Topics to be covered in this fast-paced, sixty-minute presentation include:

  • The importance of digital data as a pre-requisite for modern technologies

  • How technology standards have facilitated global trade

  • Examples of technology standards that have driven international commerce

  • The case for blockchain standards specific to global supply chain management

  • Blockchain standards that integrate with the IoT

  • How blockchain standards will facilitate Big Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

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Archived Webinar
Digital Data Standards: The Blockchain Glue

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