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US Trade Policy Is Changing Rapidly - and So May Your Job!

After lying dormant for almost thirty years, U.S. trade policy has been swept up in a whirlwind of change – and, surprise, your trade compliance job may get caught in the storm too! Your imports of a variety of products just became more expensive with the imposition of special tariffs and import restrictions. 

Watch Amber Road’s on-demand webinar for a look into how Canada, China and the EU are planning to impose retaliatory tariffs on U.S. exports and how that can (and will) affect your job performance. On behalf of Global Trade Academy, Robin Grover, International Trade Lawyer at Customs & Trade Solutions, presents on the following topics:

  • China as a source of trade disputes

  • EU barriers to U.S. products

  • Re-negotiations of NAFTA and KORUS

  • Strengthening of anti-dumping safeguards

  • CBP enforcement of illegal imports

Don't be caught short-handed! Join us to explore the pitfalls associated with these trade policy changes and recommend best practices to protect you and your company.


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