As companies look to foreign markets as a means to grow top line revenues, exports have boomed.  Unfortunately, doing business with customers in more countries complicates the export compliance challenge even further and increases regulatory risk. You’ve probably asked yourself these questions:

  • Why and who should I be screening?
  • What rules and regulations do I need to follow?
  • What tools can help classify products, manage classification codes, determine license requirements and generate trade documents?

During this webinar, Scott Parker, Solutions Consultant at Amber Road, discusses how to leverage technology to remove cost and risk by automating the export process. Listeners will learn how to:

  • Ensure ongoing compliance with restricted party screening regulations
  • Determine and manage classification codes and export licenses for multiple countries
  • Generate efficient export documents and ACE filings
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail

Check out our on-demand webinar to better understand the cost of non-compliance!

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Archived Webinar
Understanding the Key Elements of Exporting

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