Archived Webinar
NAFTA is Dead, Long Live USMCA: How to Prepare for Canadian Audits and Other Global Trade Revolutions

“May you live in interesting times.”

From the USMCA free trade agreement to the pending US-Japan FTA, the landscape of Customs and trade continues to fluctuate – how will you maintain continuity in your global trade regime? Join Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy as we highlight key areas of these revolutionary new trade agreements, audits, and EU origin determination rules, and how they may impact your international supply chain.

Key topics to include:

  • USMCA – how it will differ from NAFTA

  • Canadian Audits – how to manage the process

  • EU Origin Determination – challenges in the world of Brexit

  • Tariff engineering to legally reduce newly increased duties

  • The pending US-Japan trade agreement 

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