Changes in the nature of higher education, such as increasing globalization, advances in technology, and new sources of revenue (e.g. scientific research) have made it more complex to administer export compliance programs at universities and research institutions. 

This webinar discussed the 3rd annual survey by the University of Wisconsin-Madison analyzing responses from 70+ universities and scientific institutions. The survey was conducted at the 2018 Conference on the Impact of Export Controls on Higher Education and Scientific Institutions. It indicated that student screening had greatly increased, but the majority of academic institutions were still challenged with regulatory compliance in multiple areas of their organization.

Presenters included:

    • Bethany Nelson, survey author and Export Control Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

    • Gary Barraco, Global Product Marketing Director with Amber Road

    Tune in to hear the discussion gauging the state of compliance for higher ed organizations and tips for how you can master screening, visas, and export controls!

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    Archived Webinar
    University Compliance Survey - Screening Is Up

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