NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP, FTZ... How do you spell “Trade?”

All the acronyms used to reference trade and duty programs can sound a lot like alphabet soup. But they represent a variety of opportunities for exporters to grow their business overseas by making their products more affordable in growing markets. Furthermore, FTAs and FTZs allow importers to dramatically lower the duties and taxes they pay.  

Savings from these programs can be significant, and are often measured in the millions to tens of millions of dollars annually. And yet, many shippers don’t participate because the complexity of each unique trade agreement and the difficulty navigating the regulatory intricacies. 

During this webinar, industry experts review existing and new trade agreements all around the world and how to better leverage technology to simplify and automate duty management processes.

Key topics include:

  • Industry research regarding preferential trade program utilization

  • Automating supplier solicitation, qualification and certificate management processes

  • Managing the audit trails of preferential claims

Presenters include:

  • Gary M. Barraco, Director, Global Product Marketing, Amber Road

  • Phanibhushan Reddy, FTA Product Manager, Amber Road

  • Eric Johnson, Editor, American Shipper

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Archived Webinar
Duty Management - The Alphabet Soup

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