Archived Webinar
Free Trade Agreements – an EU perspective

Despite trade wars, Brexit and other trade barriers, the European Union continues down the path of progressive trade, providing a solid framework of Free Trade Agreements which benefit importers and exporters. However, every trade agreement is unique and complex. Navigating the maze of FTA compliance regulations can be challenging for trade experts that need to anticipate the lowest duty structure possible in order to reap the rewards of FTAs.

In this webinar, Reinhard Pölzl, Amber Road's Director of Solutions Consulting, shares the latest on EU FTAs and how leveraging them can unlock significant savings for your company.

Key topics include:

    • EU FTAs: status quo and future outlook
    • ROI of FTAs: benefits vs. compliance requirements
    • Integrating FTA workflows into the E2E supply chain process

    Learn how to take advantage of FTAs to start saving now!

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