Building internal expertise in your global customs and trade compliance programs requires a clear and focused goal for multiple departments, from imports and exports to purchasing, accounting, and beyond.  A well-planned approach to trade compliance can provide a return on investment through higher productivity and increased profits.

During this webinar, experts from Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy explain how creating an atmosphere and culture of strong expertise in trade regulations can drive value in the international supply chain.  Presenters provide insight on the following:

  • How to determine your organization’s compliance training needs

  • Key performance metrics of a training program

  • Building awareness versus knowledge-based training programs

  • When to pursue certifications


  • Suzanne Richer, Director, Trade Advisory Practice, Amber Road

  • Jean-Pierre Geronimi, Director, Amber Road’s Global Trade Academy

Watch this webinar to discover how your company can successfully create a trade compliance training program.

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Archived Webinar
How to Create a Trade Compliance Training Program for Global Professionals

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