Supply chain agility (noun): the ability to react to unplanned or non-standard requirements in an efficient, timely, and capable manner. Not only has ‘supply chain agility’ emerged as a buzzword in global trade, it is also the dominant competitive vehicle for organizations coping with supply chain disruption. But what does it really mean?

This SupplyChainBrain sponsored webinar, ‘Supply Chain Agility – What Does It Really Mean?’ features industry experts who dig into these questions:

  • What is the definition of supply chain agility?
  • What does supply chain agility means in the context of your organization?
  • How can agility can be achieved through digital transformation?
  • How do you measure agility and what are the four main groups of agile-centric supply chain goals?

View our on-demand webinar to learn the ins and outs of ‘agility’ and what it means for your digital supply chain.

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Archived Webinar
Supply Chain Agility - What Does It Really Mean?

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