There is an undeniable link between clearing trade compliance hurdles and the sourcing of goods, yet many companies still view these processes as completely isolated functions. Never before has it been more important for companies to tether their sourcing activities to compliance, logistics, and transportation.

And the key to that evolution is introducing automation across a company’s supply chain departments. Technologies that stitch together such varied activities as sourcing, trade automation, and transportation management exist today. And more importantly, supply chain practitioners can build a case, in dollar terms, for how automating these functions can yield tangible results.

This webinar focuses on how companies ought to begin thinking about automating and integrating their sourcing and global trade activities. Key topics include:

  • How risk management fits into modern supply chains

  • The importance of tying together sourcing with global trade management

  • How to measure the ROI of automating sourcing and compliance functions

  • Pertinent business cases

Presenters include:

  • Gary Barraco, Senior Director, supply Chain Solutions, Amber Road

  • Eric Johnson, Research Director & IT editor, American Shipper

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Archived Webinar
Making Dollars and Sense of Sourcing and Global Trade Automation

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