There is no doubt that blockchain technology has the powerful potential to improve supply chains and global trade management. But how?

Join Dan Gardner, VP of Supply Chain for Lakeshore Learning Materials and co-founder of Trade Facilitators, Inc., and Amber Road’s Ty Bordner as they analyze the blockchain value proposition and how this technology can be leveraged to improve global supply chain management functions, and ultimately, improve end-to-end performance.

Learn more about:

  • The basics of blockchain technology
  • The benefits and potential pitfalls for supply chain blockchain
  • Why is the “Smart Contract” a pivotal block in the supply chain?
  • How blockchain can integrate with your global supply chain’s current ecosystem

As supply chain digitization becomes more and more decisive for importers and exporters, blockchain will continue to dominate the discussion. Don’t miss the excellent insight on the hot topic of the year from these experts!

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Archived Webinar

Blockchain for Global Supply Chain: Ghost in the Machine or Breakthrough Technology?

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