How much can you save by leveraging the benefits of Trade Agreements?

Trade Agreements are a key factor in a company’s profitability. Their benefits are usually far beyond expectation, but then again, so is their complexity globally. In today’s ever-changing global trade landscape, keeping up-to-date with Trade Agreements has become a real challenge – new agreements are being introduced whilst existing agreements are being updated and sometimes dismantled. Under these circumstances, what do Trade Agreements really mean for your business?

During this webinar presented by Reinhard Poelzl, you will learn how our in-house trade experts can help diagnose your Trade Portfolio from a Trade Agreements point of view. We demonstrate a very easy way to calculate potential duty savings using our ROI simulator in combination with Amber Road Trade Content. We are also discussing how technology supports organizations throughout the duty savings process, at minimum cost and with maximum compliance!

Key topics of this webinar include:
  • General understanding of Free Trade Agreements available globally
  • ROI Simulation – identify preferential tariffs and calculate potential duty savings
  • Automation and how to benefit from Trade Agreements

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