As global supply chains become increasingly more complex, the challenge of managing the growth while maintaining control increases along with it. Change is a constant. How adept are companies today in tackling global trade management issues, and are they prepared for the changes that may be coming?

This webinar focuses on the current Global Trade Management (GTM) issues facing organizations and the issues they may encounter moving forward, resulting from Brexit and potential changes in US trade and tax policies. We review the current capabilities and technology adoption that companies have in place today to determine their current state of readiness, and point out the gaps to be addressed to achieve the organizational readiness required to deal with the potential changes looming on the horizon.


Key topics include:

  • Current challenges facing organizations involved in global trade

  • Maturity level of these organizations from a Best-in-Class perspective

  • Capabilities and technology adoption to address changes on the horizon

  • Actions to address gaps in your company's readiness to prepare before it's too late

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Archived Webinar
Is Your Organization Ready for the Challenges of Global Trade?

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