Supply chains are running at full steam as the economy is booming in parts of the world, while others are taking the hit from the obstacles hindering better open commerce and trade. Protectionist trade policies are leading to shifts in country sourcing practices and investments in automation and technology to help keep goods moving and visible. And there is no reason to believe that in the coming year we will see a waning of geo-political posturing along the trade front. The issues of labor and transportation costs, along with capacity, will beleaguer everyone from the supply chain manager to the CFO. Through it all, the consumer will be proverbial tail wagging the dog.

This is the new year in global trade.

Listen to the predictions and advice from an esteemed panel of industry experts assembled by Amber Road as we prepare for 2019.

  • Jeff Kuhn, VP-Finance & Operations, Global Sourcing and Supply Chain with Caleres

  • Dr. Benjamin Hazen, Supply Chain and Logistics Academic, Faculty Affiliate at the University of Tennessee

  • Eric Johnson, Senior Editor, Technology at Journal of Commerce

  • Zach Zacharia, Associate Professor and Director, Center for Supply Chain Research, Lehigh University

  • Suzanne Richer, Director, Trade Advisory Practice with Amber Road

  • Moderator – Gary M. Barraco, Director of Product Marketing with Amber Road

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Archived Webinar
Top 6 Global Supply Chain Expectations for 2019

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