All colleges, universities, and research institutions understand that they are ultimately responsible for export and deemed export compliance when it comes to their research programs, foreign students, overseas campuses, etc.  The risk of non-compliance includes substantial fines, imprisonment, loss of funding for projects, as well as brand damage to your program and institution.  Compliance isn’t optional…it’s the law and a violation could derail years and years of hard work.

Tanta Myles, Director & Research Compliance Officer at the University of Alabama, joined our industry experts to discuss the challenges of maintaining an export compliance program (ECP) despite the current trade regulations landscape. We also explain how a cloud-based solution can help:

  • Simplify the entire export compliance process

  • Protect the reputation of your university

  • Ensure your research program will not be placed in jeopardy

Many universities have fallen into the trap of “good enough,” using inherited solutions to solve compliance challenges when the landscape of available tools has evolved - giving you better options to improve processes and save money.  The risks are substantial…don’t miss out on your opportunity to discover how effortless your export compliance process could be!

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Archived Webinar
University Export Compliance: Protecting Against Risk

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