The connection between export controls and academia may not be obvious, since most institutions of higher education don’t often ship commodities from one country to another. However, the term “export” also includes the disclosure or transfer of certain technical data to a foreign person, domestically or abroad.

Any college or university with a scientific research program, foreign visiting researchers, foreign students, international research collaborations and overseas campuses could be releasing technical data, thereby executing a “deemed export." The institution is ultimately responsible for compliance and will be held liable for any export violations.

This solution offers a breadth of tools that can protect you from fines, penalties, and criminal charges by:

  • Facilitating dynamic daily re-screens for restricted parties and unlimited manual ad-hoc screening

  • Providing access to 590 government issued screening lists (340+ standard lists)

  • Streamlining your process through e-mail notifications and configurable workflows

  • Maintaining a bulletproof audit trail of everything that happens in the system, including all historical data

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University and Research Edition of Export On-Demand

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