Case Study

Haworth Streamlines NAFTA Compliance with Amber Road

Haworth achieved the following benefits:

  • Saved $1.2 million in duties and taxes from preferential treatment

  • Improved supplier solicitation response rate by 80%

  • Achieved annual cost savings of $225,000 through elimination of outsourced work 

A $1.4 billion global leader in office furniture and interiors, Haworth needed a way to automate the process of qualifying goods for NAFTA preferential trade terms for exporting from both the US and Canada.  They selected Amber Road to manage its NAFTA certification data across 1,000+ suppliers worldwide, analyze 16,000 products, and ensure compliance with US Customs regulations.

We’re able to take advantage of preferential duties, saving $1.2 million in duties and taxes, automate the NAFTA qualification process, and generate accurate trade documentation to maintain export compliance in an effective and timely manner.

Project Manager Global Logistics, Trade & Compliance
Haworth, Inc. 


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