Case Study

TALIS Group Centralizes and Automates Restricted Party Screening with Amber Road

The newly-formed TALIS Group had a highly complex compliance environment that included factors such as: a strategic mix of thousands of products, 30,000 trading parties, different companies in ten countries throughout Europe and beyond, and just one manager responsible for Group-wide trade compliance.  To reduce its trading risk and ease its restricted party screening (RPS) workload, TALIS Group chose the RPS module of Amber Road’s Export On-Demand solution.

Since implementing the solution, the company has realized several benefits:

  • Lowered trading risks

  • Reduced screening time by up to 80% and lowered false positive rates

  • Dramatic reduction in staff involvement in screening, from 200 people to 12

  • Improved flexibility and cost effectiveness to expand the project as the organization grows

  • Centralized control and visibility into all subsidiaries

Amber Road’s RPS system minimizes our risk and saves huge amounts of time. Our subsidiaries can follow their preferred workflows, while I gain centralized visibility and control.

Trade Compliance Manager
TALIS Management Holding GmbH

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