Navigating the Worldwide Web of Trade Sanctions Laws

As global trade compliance regulations become more turbulent, it’s important that companies on a national and international scale stay up to date on the current events that will affect current or future markets. Compliance Week’s eBook, Navigating the Worldwide Web of Trade Sanctions Laws, provides a deep dive into the geopolitical events and how they will affect trade sanctions for the United States and European Union.

The articles cover topics such as:

  • The US pulling out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and the trade sanctions that will be re-imposed

  • Implementing a compliance risk management plan to deal with the trade sanctions the US and EU will be imposing with new regulations

  • Potential concerns and risks with cross-border trade and how to mitigate the supply chain risk through digitization

Help your company navigate the turbulent world of trade sanctions by downloading our eBook!

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