Export Compliance for Higher Education and Research Groups

Managing export compliance programs at universities and research institutions is becoming increasingly difficult due to globalization, technological advancements, and newer sources of income. As higher education organizations are now constantly being exposed to various export risks and trade violations, a robust compliance program is your best weapon. Amber Road helps you overcome these challenges by offering a cloud-based solution that enables you to mitigate these risks and optimize operations.

The Amber Road Export On-Demand University & Research Edition is uniquely designed to improve operational efficiency, enhance regulatory compliance, and reduce export risks. Our solution incorporates 8 functional areas in order to thoroughly ensure export compliance:

  • Visitor screening

  • Student and staff screening

  • Research and projects

  • International travel

  • Exports and deemed exports

  • Purchasing and procurement

  • International shipping

  • Licensing

Let the peace of mind from a sound compliance program enable you to focus on the research... and not the regulations. Download this eBook today!

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