The Digital Global Supply Chain

Global trade is fast, and organizations are struggling to keep up. Uncertainties arising from ever-changing political landscapes and the pressure to remain competitive are forcing companies to think outside the box. They must continually transform their internal processes to reinforce their competitive advantage.

The answer is in digitization, a key characteristic of Industry 4.0. Achieving digitization consists of four methods of transformation:

  • Collaboration: integrating the silos across your supply network

  • Automation: automating recurrent processes and enabling supply-chain alerts

  • Analytics: measuring performance for improvement

  • Flexibility: adapting to the market and changes within your supplier network

Digitization enables real transformation. It is the key to boosting revenue and achieving a competitive advantage, yielding three value factors through supply chain digitization. Learn what these value factors are and discover more on the methods of transformation by downloading this eBook.

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