White Paper

2018 Annual Mid-Market Survey and Report

The cost of non-compliance is too great of a burden for any company to bear, regardless of company size. Amber Road's annual mid-market report highlights the trade compliance concerns for small-medium sized businesses that share the same export challenges as large organizations. Surveying over 170 mid-market companies across a variety of industries in 2018, this report will equip your organization with the knowledge to successfully navigate trade compliance.

Amber Road's digital white paper explores a variety of concerning survey findings. Some key takeaways include:

  • 88% of companies indicated they have a full or partial export compliance program, yet only 19% are using a software solution to automate

  • Nearly a quarter of businesses had zero to one dedicated compliance resource

  • The presence of an export compliance program at organizations directly correlates with the awareness and involvement of senior management

  • Nearly half of companies were found to be vulnerable to doing business with a denied party

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