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The Trade Trends Report: 2017 Survey on Sourcing, Trade and e-Commerce

2017 has been a year of great disruption in global trade, and Amber Road and AAEI’s survey on sourcing, trade and e-commerce highlights just that. To respond to these market forces, companies need to re-engineer processes and supporting systems to achieve a totally new level of agility. 

This digital white paper identifies the primary challenges and strategies to proactively prepare. Main highlights include:

  • e-Commerce continues to wipe out brick and mortar stores resulting in an upsurge of online sales

  • Challenges in today's global supply chain, including speed-to-market, disruptions, and utilization of FTAs

  • Sourcing establishes itself at the core of global supply chains

  • Top concerns for 2018 include supplier risk, regulatory risk, lack of staffing, and transportation costs 

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